ASTM A671 Electric-Fusion-Welded Pipes and Tubes

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Gautam Tubes cater raw materials like ASTM A671 and process ASTM A 671 Welded Pipe & Tubes. We have a long track record for manufacturing welded pipes and tubes. We got expertise in producing high tensile welded pipe and tubes that are known for its prominent features. We also deal with other types of ferrous and non-ferrous welded pipes and tubes. In our inventory, we stock these pipes and tubes in various custom dimensions and surface finishes. We also offer nonstandard dimensions and provided machining allowances for multiple applications. Here we decrease possibilities of manufacturing defected pipes and tubes this is due to our well-organized manufacturing plants and manufacturing machines. We follow industrial set guidelines and norms to manufacture a superior level of products.

Standard Specification and Size Range of ASTM A671 Welded Steel Pipe & Tubes

Specifications : ASTM A671 / ASME SA671

Dimensions : ASTM, ASME and API

Size : 1/2” NB to 36” NB

Outer Diameter Size : 16" NB To 100" NB (Nominal Bore Size)

Thickness : Schedule 20 To Schedule XXS (Heavier On Request) Up to 250 mm Thickness

Schedule : SCH 40, SCH 80, SCH 160, SCH XS, SCH XXS, All Schedules

Type : Welded / EFW (Electric Fusion Welded Pipes)

Form : Round Pipe & Tube, Square Pipe & Tube, Rectangular Pipe & Tube

Length : max 16000mm, Single Random, Double Random & Cut Length or As per customer's

ASTM A671 Pipe Grades : ASTM A671 Grade CC60, ASTM A671 Grade CC65, ASTM A671 Grade CC70

ASTM A671 Class : CLASS 10, 11, 12, 13, 20, 21, 22, 23, 30, 31, 32, 33, 40, 41, 42

End : Plain End, Beveled End, Treaded

Types Of Carbon Steel ASTM A671 Pipe and Tube Stock

ASTM A671 Welded Pipe

ASTM A671 Welded Pipe

Carbon Steel A671 Pipe, ASTM A671 Steel Welded Pipes, ASME SA671 Welded Pipes, ASTM A671 Round Pipe

ASTM A671 Tubes

ASTM A671 Tubing

Carbon Steel ASTM A671 Tubes, ASTM A671 Welded Tubing, ASME SA671 Round Tube

ASTM A671 EFW Pipes

ASTM A671 EFW Pipe

Carbon Steel ASTM A671 EFW Pipe, ASTM SA671 EFW Steel Pipes

Chemical Composition of ASTM A671 Carbon Steel Pipes & Tubes

ASTM A671 Specification ASTM A671 Steel grade ASTM A671 Chemical composition ASTM A671 Remarks
C Si Mn P S Ti
Pipes for pressure service
ASTM A671, A672
-/A45 -/0.17 - 0.98 0.035 0.035 - A671/
-/A50 -/0.22 -
CA55/A55 0.28 -
-/B55 -/0.20 0.13
CB60/B60 0.24
CB65/B65 0.28
CB70/C70 0.31 1.30
-/C55 -/0.18 0.55
CC60/C60 0.21
CC65/C65 0.24 0.79
CC70/C70 0.27

Mechanical Properties of ASTM A671 Steel Pipe & Tube

Specification Steel Grade BASE METAL MECHANICAL COMPOSITION Welding point tensile strength (N/mm2) Remarks
Yield point (N/mm2) Tensile Stregth (N/mm2) Test Pieces Elongation (%)
Pipes for pressure service ASTM A671, A672 -/A45 -/165 -/310~450 - -/30 -/310~450 A671/ A672
-/A50 -/185 -/345~485 -/28 -/345~485
CA55/A55 205 380~515 27 380~515
-/B55 -/205 -/380~515 -/27 -/380~515
CB60/B60 220 415~550 25 415~550
CB65/B65 240 450~585 23 450~585
CB70/B70 260 485~620 21 485~620
-/C55 -/205 -/380~515 -/27 -/380~515
CC60/C60 220 415~550 25 415~550
CC65/C65 240 450~585 23 450~585
CC70/C70 260 485~620 21 485~620
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