Benefits Of Stainless Steel Channels And Its Applications (SS 316 / 316L / 316H Channel)

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Benefits Of Stainless Steel Channels And Its Applications (SS 316 / 316L / 316H Channel)

Benefits Of Stainless Steel Channels And Its Applications (SS 316 / 316L / 316H Channel)

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Stainless Steel Channels

A Stainless Steel Channel is a hot-rolled C-shaped structure constructed of mild steel. The steel channel’s interior corners have specified radii that provide it the strength and rigidity it needs to sustain steel angles and other structural and building projects.

Benefits of Stainless steel Channels for 316/316L/316H Channels

Steel Channels have high tensile strength. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio, which means it has a lot of power per unit of mass. So no matter how large the overall Channels are, the steel sections will be small and lightweight, unlike other building materials. Steel Channels are simple to build and mass-produce. Steel channel sections can be manufactured off-site and then assembled on-site. This saves time and improves the overall construction process’ efficiency.

An application where SS 316 / 316L / 316H Channel are used?

  1. Walls: Stainless Steel 316 / 316L / 316H Channels is commonly used to construct walls for garages, warehouses, workshops, and other metal structures, where it is employed similarly to studs in traditional wood framing.
  2. Pole Barn Walls: Steel 316H channel is commonly used to build the walls of pole barns, where it is run horizontally from pole to pole to give an attachment point for the exterior siding, which is generally sheet metal.
  3. ROOFS: Steel 316 channels can be used as rafters on light-duty roofs, running from the eaves to the ridge and providing support for the roof deck.
  4. Window and Door Frames: In both metal and wood-framed buildings, a steel 316H channel can be utilized to provide strong frames for windows and doors.
  5. Wood Beam Supports: Steel 316/316L channel can be used to strengthen the rigidity and strength of hardwood beams in a wood-framed building when extra strength is required.
  6. Vehicle Frame: Steel 316L channel is frequently used to manufacture car frames, and it is frequently particularly made for that purpose.
  7. Trailers: Trailers, such as flatbed trailers, box trailers, and even travel trailers and RVs, are frequently constructed with steel 316H channels.
  8. Metal Buildings: Steel 316/316H channel is frequently used in commercial and industrial buildings, such as warehouses, in conjunction with I-beams and other steel products.