Different types of ASTM A36 Fasteners

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Different types of ASTM A36 Fasteners

Different types of ASTM A36 Fasteners

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ASTM A36 is a suitable grade of carbon steel material which is available in different sizes. The products made using ASTM A36 have extensive demand in the national and international markets due to its cost-effective pricing. Here, ASTM A36 Fasteners are one of the products of ASTM A36 Grade. The material offers adequate bolting strength and ideal for fastening operations. Besides, these products are suitable to establish connections within industrial operations. The grade of ASTM A36 offers ductility to products and allows easy machining. Besides, the fasteners of ASTM A36 holds good welding ability, durability and high tensile strength. Along with this, the robust construction of fasteners makes them popular in industrial operations.

Different types of ASTM A36 Fasteners 

Carbon steel material can undergo various procedures, and hence they can form various products. Here different types of ASTM A36 Fasteners are available that includes the following:

ASTM A36 Nuts 

ASTM A36 is a grade of carbon steel that shows well-defined chemical and mechanical requirements. The product is available in varied shapes, plates, and bar format to use in different purposes. These types of ASTM A36 Fasteners are useful in construction, bridges, buildings and general purpose. For the production of these fasteners, A1554 is used.

ASTM A36 Bolts 

The product has quenching and tempering ability. Besides these products shows minimum tensile strength. ASTM A36 Bolts are available in varied sizes, shapes, and metric dimensions to match varied conditions.

ASTM A36 Screws

These type of fasteners shows outstanding tensile strength and general use. Besides these products are intended to use for general engineering. Besides, the product has a well-defined chemical composition and proof load. Along with this, ASTM A36 Screws shows hardness, axial tension, and sturdiness.

ASTM A36 Fasteners are useful in various applications including piping and structural uses. besides, these products are useful in aerospace, defence, automobile industry, and petrochemical industry. besides these are useful in pharmaceutical applications and marine engineering.